Annnnd conflict ensues…

Internet conflict that is…

In my research of intermittent fasting (I want to make sure this is something I will benefit from) I have learned that the opinions on intermittent fasting for women are dramatically different. Some believe that IF for women leads to restlessness, sleepless nights, missed menstrual cycles and more, and others believe it eliminates late, purposeless and emotional eating.

What is a woman to do?!?! There are quite a few articles online that postulate that IF can be beneficial for women if done correctly. And a large part of the community that is skeptical about IF feel the way they do because some of the information and “facts” thrown around are largely unfounded in studies conducted on humans.

I am not only eating one meal a day…in fact I eat a number of times throughout my 8 hour window. I eat sensibly sized meals with good protein, veggies and fruit, whole grains when necessary etc. I like IF because for me, it will eliminate my late night eating, my early morning breakfast binge and some other bad eating habits I developed while an elite college athlete (you work out so much, you can justify eating whenever and just about what ever you want).

I am not totally sold on IF, but I do believe if you do it in a way that works with your schedule, your eating habits and your personal preferences, you can make it work for you as well. I am not selling IF to anyone, just simply trying to let you know how it is working for me! If you want to try it, do the research first to determine how it will work out for you.

Down 2 lbs. yee.



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